SACK HACK #1 : 3 Secrets To Get The Most Out of Nut Rub.

SACK HACK #1 : 3 Secrets To Get The Most Out of Nut Rub.


First off, if you haven’t yet tried Nut Rub, our solid cologne and skin balm, don’t drop the balls and do it to it. Unlike harsh spray colognes, it’s the perfect long lasting dual-action formula that’s safe and easy to apply to your most sensitive areas so you can smell better longer, and keep your sack protected from harmful skin irritating bacteria.

Now, for the top secret Sack Hacks. 

Why’s the sky blue? Why’s the grass green? Why’s Nut Rub the best product on the market for your nuts? Well, these are just the facts. No questions necessary.


Secret testing documents have been leaked from Ballsy labs revealing new information that has everyone asking real ball-busting questions.

Question :  "Can Nut Rub be used on other areas of your body?" 

Answer:  Oh, hell yeah. 

  1. Beard Balm: Nut Rub has a light beeswax base which allows it to hold your gnarly face hairs in place. It also features essential oils which will give those face hairs of yours the light shine and smooth-soft-finish you're looking for.   

  1. Hair Product:  The same properties that make it good for your chin hair make it perfect for your hair hair. Give your head lettuce that natural shine and messy but styled look by rubbing a small amount of Nut Rub on your finger tips. Then gently run your fingers through your freshly washed but slightly damp hair. 

  1. Everyday Body Cologne: Most spray colognes are overpowering and feel out of place at work or in everyday situations. But, Nut Rub scents are well balanced and light so you can smell great every day without having everyone think you’re trying too hard. Just apply a small amount on your fingers and rub into your neck and wrists. 

One great nutspiracy theory solved! Now who killed JFK and where all those Area 51 aliens at ?  

Put this Sack Hack in action and try Nut Rub.

nut rub solid cologne

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Pete Gianulis

Would love to try the Ballwash product, but it has Lavender as one of the ingredients. Lavender is not favorable for men because it has estrogen effects.

Robin Barbaree

Being a bit ballsy here, but first off, you misspelled the word, to. Should’ve been, too; see below.

……trying to hard, should’ve been, too hard.

Don’t mean to be a spelling nerd, but want you to be as professional as you can.

Next comment is about nut rub… surely I can also use this on my schlong, but wouldn’t it be cool to add a natural oil or whatnot, so that it could stimulate the nut sack as well as the schlong?


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