Elephant in the Room Time: Let’s Talk About Sex!

Elephant in the Room Time: Let’s Talk About Sex!

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a man enjoying the scintillating aroma of his freshly cologned nuggets, let’s be real here: it’s not all for you. It’s for the person who, you know, does that thing that you like. When it’s time to go heels-to-Jesus with that certain someone, your scent can make the difference between Oscar-level commitment and a straight-to-DVD performance, if you catch our drift.

Smell Does Matter, Fellas

When you saunter into the sack sporting a fresh coat of Nut Rub, your partner will be grateful in a way you won’t soon forget. This solid cologne goes on gently and keeps your sack smelling amazing all day. A fresh scent is just the start of mind-blowing experience in ye old bedchamber, though. Let’s keep this guide to upgrading your sexual experience going with some top-shelf lubrication.


Quality Lube Makes the Difference

We hope to inform as many guys as we can about the importance of high-quality lube, like Maude’s Shine Organic before they learn the hard way. The point of lube isn’t to hijack the sexual experience with over-the-top smells and effects, but simply to facilitate, which is exactly what Shine Organic does. It’s free of fragrances and parabens, aloe-based, and safe to use with condoms and toys.

Up and at ‘Em, Atom Ant!

Speaking of facilitating, we want all guys out there to know that ED is a very common issue that affects tens of millions of men around the world. In other words, there’s no reason to wallow in self-pity if you’re experiencing some issues raising the topsail (too soon?). Guys with ED are no less manly than guys who have only daughters, and anyone who believes so is operating on some seriously outdated info. Hook yourself up with some Roman pills, regain control, and move on with life.

If you’re not a huge fan of the pills, by the way, there’s a particularly innovative piece of hardware that will naturally beef up your performance from Giddy. They call their device the Eddie. It’s a safe and comfortable constriction device that enables you to maintain your, shall we say, excitement level for much longer periods. The Eddie is customizable to fit approximately 98.99% of American men, and no, that’s not a challenge.

A Race You Don’t Want to Win

Of course, some of us would benefit more from a touch on the brakes than the gas. If in your boundless zeal for life, you happen to climax a little sooner than you and your partner would like, there’s no need to shift your focus to calculus or geo-politics next time. You should be able to stay in the moment, and that’s why we recommend Promescent Delay Spray. We love this stuff because, first of all, you don’t need a doctor. Secondly, it doesn’t totally numb everything to the point where you can’t enjoy it. Just spray, wait a little bit, and go to town.


What kind of homage to sexy time would this feature be without toys? It would take a hundred pages or more to catalogue each and every option out there, but we will at least spotlight one of our favorites that emphasizes dual participation. It’s called the TIANI 3 from LELO, and it’s all about getting you both there. This toy massages her inside and out while you do your thing, so you both get to feel plenty of vibration. Did we mention it’s remote controlled? Awesome.

sex toy vibrator

Whether you’re looking to switch up the usual moves or boost your performance in a major way, just remember that there are plenty of safe options out there. For all matters of clacker cleanliness before, during, and after your epic exploits, we’ve got your back!

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