Activated Charcoal Benefits -- It's Magic!

Activated Charcoal Benefits -- It's Magic!


Activated charcoal is all the rage lately, but what prompted its sudden fame—and more importantly, is it actually beneficial or is just a passing fad?

What Does Activated Charcoal Do?

Simply put, Activated charcoal is used to trap chemicals and toxins within and on the body by binding it with its millions of tiny pores which absorb and remove toxins from your body. It's so good at removing toxins that it’s actually used for the treatment of poisoning and overdoses!  It’s also given to reduce bloat, gas, lower cholesterol, and treat hangovers when taken internally. But, there are also countless benefits to reap if you’re going to apply it to your skin through a beauty product.

Using Activated Charcoal On Your Skin

First and foremost, when you use activated charcoal on your skin, it helps to absorb the toxins present on your skin and leaves a cleansing effect, leaving you feeling like a million in singles.

Aside from its toxin trapping cleansing effects, it also has anti-aging benefits and is proven to reduce and prevent acne. Taken a step further It can even be used to help give relief for rashes, insect bites, and even snake bites! Like I said, it's magic.

Why Now?

You might be wondering, why has activated charcoal suddenly gained so much popularity? Activated charcoal has been in widespread use for many decades now, but only recently has the eco, green trend began taking off. Along with this trend, many classic natural solutions were uncovered and began spreading like wildfire. Plus, who doesn't think black wash is cool? 

Find Out What You've Been Missing

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