Defense Wins Championships Kit

The best offense is a good defense, which is absolutely true when it comes to taking care of of your precious pair. This kit features products specifically for fighting sweat, odor and irritation along with products to help clean up after an active day.

Kit Features:

  • Ballwash - An invigorating activated charcoal body wash featuring essential oils and plant extracts that moisturizes, cleanses and leaves you smelling fantastic.
  • Nut Rub Solid Cologne - Beeswax and coconut oil based solid cologne. Solid, portable and ready for action on any and ALL parts of your body. Scent guide
  • Sack Spray – pH balanced on-the-go refreshing spray that is formulated to help neutralize odor and skin irritation.
  • Ballguard - Liquid powder that applies as a soothing cream and dries instantly as a mess-free powder that helps fight sweat, smell and chafing.
  • Quickys Ball Wipes - perfect for : post-gym, pre-happy hour, camping trips, long days at the office, first and last dates (womp womp).
  • Handy - Soft yet scrubby, the Handy is the perfect shower tool for generating extra suds while gently exfoliating away dead skin.

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