Liquid Courage: Why Not Fight A Bear Today?

Well, not really fight a bear.

Because... You'd die.

But what about having just a smidge less courage than the amount needed to fight a bear?

That sounds pretty sweet, right?

I mean, that’s still a ton of courage... just not quite enough to fight a bear (which is probably for the best)

Anyway, by now you're asking

"But magical website article, how do I attain such gallantry? What's the secret formula behind this elixir of testicular fortitude?"

Liquid Courage, bud.

And I'm not talking about a cooler full of cold ones here.

Its Confidence in a Bottle

Have you ever played basketball against a 4 year old on a Fisher-Price net?

Remember how good it felt knowing that you can ABSOLUTELY DESTROY this 3-and-a-half-foot toddler with a series of perfect executing tomahawk dunks?

(But you let him win anyway, because you’re one of the good guys).

Well, we here at Ballsy captured that feeling and transformed it into a heroic smelling body wash that we've dubbed Liquid Courage.


A Courageous Man is a Finished Man

You see, courage is everything for a man. It’s what pushes him to be better, and do better. It’s what completes him and makes him whole.

It’s the thing that lets him scissor-kick adversity in the face, or ask the hottest girl he's ever seen for her number... Maybe even marry her. Oh look, kids AND a Great Dane. That’s the power of Liquid Courage, my guy.

So, What’s in This Bathroom Cocktail of Brave-Balled Goodness?

Jojoba Spheres These bad boys are like exfoliating body armor for your skin. They not only hydrate, but help clean all the gunk off your junk and leave you glowing like a gamma-radiated superhero. Environmentally friendly, and completely biodegradable, Jojoba Spheres respect Mama-Earth by not adding more plastic microbead-crap to the ocean.

JoJoba Spheres

Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is like the botanical Batman because of its incredible resiliency. Known for its water-retaining properties, this little green miracle helps keep the moisture locked into your skin beneath the blood, sweat, and respect of your day-to-day hustle. Coconut Oil Coconut oil is like nature’s tailor for your birthday suit. Its increased collagen production helps maintain your skin’s firmness and avoid early on-set Turkey Neck. And with anti-inflammatory properties to help irritated and chaffed skin, coconut oil lends its superpowers in more ways than one. Add some coconut to your coconuts today.

Wanted: Bold Men with Healthy Dose of DGAF

The world needs more men who will impart their wisdom to others, or offer a steady hand to those in need.

The world also needs more strong-balled heroes who’ll stand up to weak-balled villains.

It’s time to dig deep, be bold, and get ballsy:

  • Be someone’s role model AND protector.

  • Have the courage to ask for that raise or say “NO” to coming in a Saturday.

  • Start a business.

  • Push for one last rep.

  • Step out of the shower with the confidence you need to tackle anything.

Courage is everything.

Get Some Liquid Courage Today


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Pat Blakely