Everything You Need to Know About Living Balls Out

As festive and welcoming as they may appear, they’re not just for decoration, friend. Your balls are a dangling testament to what and who you are: a frickin man, for better or worse. Don’t let their neighbor to the near north fool you – he may get more stage time, but it’s the skin twins that run the show.

A man stands in front of a pool, covered only by a towel that says 'Live Balls Out'

More than just beltline-area operations, your balls also have a great influence over your life choices as a man. They are like twin turbo engines that crank out great and stupid ideas in random order. You never know which one’s great and which one’s stupid at the time, but the point is that you do it anyway and learn from the experience. We have a name for such a man who heeds the shriveled wisdom of his beautiful and tumescent pearls: he is the man who lives balls out.

Embrace the Wrinkly Wisdom of Balls-Out Living

That’s right, balls out. The phrase originated in the days of steam engines, which contained rods with balls on the ends of them that would spread out due to centrifugal force when the rod spun really fast. When the engine was at full force and max speed the balls on the governor would spread all the way out to the sides.

Metal governor balls on a steam engine

Today, we’ve adapted the term to represent our philosophy as a brand and as men. It is the choice to embrace the inner rumblings of our souls, which greet us through the perfect conduit that is our yam bag.

We all hear voices, you know – not just the crazies. For us men, the voices tell us to jump over that thing, buy that boat, quit that job and so on. The difference between a man who lives balls out and a man who doesn’t is simply the choice to listen to and act upon these testicular transmissions.

Need an example? Not to brag, but look at this blog. We could be tiptoeing around the topic at hand, using words like “private area” and “thorough cleaning,” but that would not qualify as balls-out behavior. What we really want to say is, “Scrub your meaty clackers” instead, because our balls tell us to – so say it we do. Scrub your meaty clackers.

Man wearing a shirt that says 'Live Balls Out' stands in front of an off-road vehicle

Don’t Just Say It, Live It

Of course, the measure of a man extends far beyond his speech, so let us further define the balls-out philosophy in a non-verbal context. Think of something that you’ve always wanted to do. Quick addendum: something legally and ethically sound, yet life-affirming and spontaneous, that you’ve always wanted to do.

Why have you always wanted to do it?

Who told you that you wanted to do it? Did Leo DiCaprio (dated reference incoming) dive into the deepest layer of your consciousness and plant the idea in your brain? No sir. It was your soul talking to you through your balls.

A man wearing a 'Live Balls Out' t-shirt punches a heavy bag

So, whatever that thing is, do it. That’s the easiest way to describe the balls-out philosophy. Decrease the distance between who you are and who you want to be. Be yourself. Let those balls glisten like seashells in the sun. When they’ve had a bit too much sand for comfort’s sake, we’ll be there with plenty of Ballwash to refresh those beautiful, beautiful nuggets.

A snowboarder in a 'Live Balls Out' hoodie leans off of a wooden fence and leans as if he's about to fall towards the snow beneat

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