Hey everyone,

On behalf of our VERY small team Ballsy. I wanted to sincerely thank each of you that took a chance on our new company and placed an order with us this Holiday season.

Truth be told we only launched in October of this year and to put it bluntly we didn’t expect the response we had to Ballwash. As a new business owner this type of demand is something you dream of but don’t often expect and for that THANK YOU!

That said, with that unforeseen demand we had our share of hiccups and challenges along the way and with that I truly want to thank all of you that placed an order with us and were patient in the process. We promise to continuously be growing, learning and improving as we head into 2018.

If you have any feedback about your experience or simply want to get in touch you can reach us anytime at adam@ballsybrand.com

Have a great holiday and 2018!